About us

Aristide is a leading Belgian editor since 1979 of fabrics and rugs.With a focus on both form and function, we have managed to provide our customers with the right fabric for their projects. Aristide is a fierce believer in proven technologies such as AquaClean and Crypton which enable interior architects or decorators to apply smart fabrics for the most demanding environments. 

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aristide has managed to maintain its strong national and international market position by introducing original, contemporary and innovative collections into the market.

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aristide is also the exclusive distributer in Belgium of the latest innovations by WARWICK and CLARKE & CLARKE. In The Netherlands aristide distributes Warwick and Bruder and in Germany only Bruder.

aristide collections are distributed in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany through our own sales organisation. A distribution network with solid, local partners has been set up in the rest of Europe, as well as America, Australia, Asia, the Middle East and South Africa.

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aristide always has a prominent presence at international exhibitions and of course you can also visit the showroom in Kontich (B) throughout the year.